Freemie Double Electric Breast Pump: Nearly Silent & Totally Hidden Pumping!

Freemie (Double Electric) Breast Pump: A Review

The Most Quiet and Discreet Pump All Around

Disclosure: This pump was received in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, I give my honest opinion and I do not recommend products that I don’t love myself. See the disclosure policy for more details. Or why I disclose here.

I have been itching to tell you about this innovative and amazing pump, and the time is finally here! This one is unlike anything I have seen or heard (or rather, not heard much at all) before! The whole pumping system is contained in the breast shells and tiny motor! Let me tell you, this is one to have if you want to express without any eyes wondering what is going on with that outrageous motor noise, and you can even pump while going about every day things with no pumping bra required!

Where to find the Freemie Breast pump: The Freemie Breast pump is not available on the New Zealand market until late December! You get a sneak peak at it, and hopefully it will be released into the Australian market around the same time!
Where to find it internationally: The Freemie Electric Breast Pump is not available until late December!
Cost:Expected cost is under $400

Freemie Australiasia’s Website//Facebook


Open or closed system? Closed.
Single or double? Double. However it can be used as a single pump as well.
Battery operated, plug in, adaptor? Rechargeable battery. Comes with a USB  charger, so it can be charged anywhere.
Manual or Electric? Electric.
Varying shield sizes? What are they? It comes in at least two shield sizes, 25mm and 28mm. But, there may be further sizes available.
Soft or hard? Hard.
How many phases?  2. It does have three save-able settings, so you can set one for pre-letdown and one for when the milk starts flowing, and the other set for single pumping suction.
Does it adjust speed/suction? Yes. It adjusts speed and suction and has three settings which can be saved, as well as a rest mode, where it will continue its last setting.
Price? Expected to be Under $400
Where to buy? TBA (But likely Freemie’s website)
Features? Super small motor with belt clip, rechargeable battery, USB charger, 2 phase expression, three save-able settings for your convenience, nearly silent motor, and breast shields which contain the whole pumping system, tubing which is adjustable for your needs.
Other products? Freebie breast milk collection cups which are suitable for other pumping systems to pump more discreetly.
Compatible bottle system? You need to pour out the milk into your chosen storage or bottles.
Adaptors for other bottle systems? Freemie will be releasing cups sold separately for compatible pumps around late January 2018.

See the Video of how this pump works.. Just the sound of the motor, but more to come!

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My Experience

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Ease of use? So long as you get the proper breast shield size, the Freemie is fairly straightforward. Adjust the settings to your needs, and hold down the buttons to save your settings for later use. You don’t even need a pumping bra.
Easy to clean?Very simple and easy to clean and sterilise.
Easy to store? Yes! As the shields and motor are all you have, it is very easy and portable for storage.
Easy to put together? All of the parts are easy to figure out how to put together.
Parts come apart? Everything comes apart easily for very simple cleaning.


Quiet? It is the quietest motor I have heard in a breast pump.
Quick? It is quick and efficient, like other double pumps.
Comfortable? As I got the proper shield size, it was comfortable and fit well.
Suction is sufficient? The suction was great. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to perform as well as other double pumps because the motor was so quiet, BUT IT WAS GREAT. So many positives for this pump.
Portability? Extremely portable! You can disassemble the breast shields for better portability, but it is small to take anywhere, and the motor is tiny.
Volume? The volume can be seen both upright and laying flat. 180-235ml volume.


Overall, I am truly impressed and amazed at this pump! There are so many possibilities with this one. It is such an innovation in the pumping world, to have such a silent and strong motor. (Seriously, listen to thisvideo clip to see how quiet it is!) There is also a timer setting available, so you can set it to stop when you want to stop the session without needing to push any buttons. While it isn’t un-noticeable, all of the breast shield can be contained under your clothing, so you can pump while you are out and about without too many sideways glances! If you put on a scarf, no one would suspect a thing! This is an excellent idea for the pumping world, and I look forward to seeing this product available on the Australian market for mums who want to pump on a bus or train ride, or relieve their engorged breasts without sideways glances as the motor “MOO”s loudly.


  • The breast shells are not completely un-noticeable, as they do stick out, however it can be all contained underneath your clothing without the need for a pumping bra.
  • It does not come with a bottle system, so you will need to store the milk another way.
  • The breast shell will not close to contain the milk once you are finished pumping
  • If you assemble the pump prior to putting in your bra, the tubing may be more difficult to manage. I suggest fitting the shield, and then adding the tubing after you have sorted that out.

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