Milk Bar Silicone Breast Pump: Super Compact and Portable Pump

Milk Bar New Zealand Silicone Pump: A Review

The Most Compact and Portable Pump

Disclosure: This pump was received in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, I give my honest opinion and I do not recommend products that I don’t love myself. See the disclosure policy for more details. Or why I disclose here.

The Milk Bar New Zealand Silicone Pump isn’t exactly a breast pump, but it’s a very helpful tool in the world of both breastfeeding and expressing. Whether you are exclusively expressing, exclusively breastfeeding, or doing a bit of both, this little pump comes in handy!

Where to find theMilk Bar New Zealand Silicone Breast pump: The Milk Bar New Zealand website.
Where to find it internationally: If you contact Milk Bar New Zealand they are happy to discuss sending their products internationally.

Milk Bar New Zealand’s Website//Facebook//Instagram

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Open or closed system? N/A.
Single or double? Single
Battery operated, plug in, adaptor? Manual.
Manual or Electric? Manual.
Varying shield sizes? What are they? One shield size. Not adjustable.
Soft or hard? Soft silicone
How many phases?  1
Does it adjust speed/suction? Manual adjustment. You control with your hand how much suction is used.
Price? $20NZD
Where to buy? Rental Available? Milk Bar New Zealand website. No rental available.
Features? Extremely portable, one piece system, dust cap.
Other products? Electric Breast Pump, Breast Milk Bags, Breast Pads, and Maternity and Breastfeeding clothing.
Compatible bottle system? You need to pour out the milk into your chosen storage or bottles.
Adaptors for other bottle systems? N/A

My Experience


Ease of use? With no buttons or handles, it is very easy to figure out. However, the suction will sometimes stop because you break the airtightness while trying to pump.
Easy to clean? It’s one piece, so very easy to clean. You just need a good bottle brush or sponge.
Easy to store? So easy to store! This is about as compact as a single bottle.
Easy to put together? You don’t need to do anything to put it together.
Parts come apart? It is one piece, and there are no parts besides the dust cover.


Quiet? Since there is no motor, it is silent.
Quick? It isn’t very quick. I would possibly express quicker by hand.
Comfortable? It wasn’t extremely comfortable for me, but the breast shield size isn’t adjustable, so that is probably why.
Suction is sufficient? Not much suction, but it does work.
Portability? Extremely portable! You could easily throw this in your handbag, glove box, or somewhere you need to keep it on hand just in case!
Volume? 100ml


Overall, while this isn’t exactly a pump itself, it works in a similar way and is very helpful in breastfeeding and expressing. Especially when one side leaks when you feed or express from the other, it is important to catch any excess milk (and in those early days, this would have come in handy)! I find this a great little tool to have on hand, as it’s easy to pack away in your handbag, glove box, or nappy bag. Get one for each, if you are often away from your baby for unknown times! This little device has been a lifesaver for some mums I have heard, when they have clogged ducts and didn’t want to lose any precious drops when trying to massage the clog out. This would be perfect for using in the shower to do just that, and no milk would be watered down, either. I don’t want to try to seem like I’m selling this, but this little object is so handy and inexpensive, I would really recommend every mum have one (or more) on hand as a “just in case” if they breastfeed or express. Yes, it’s obviously not a true pump, but it is a handy little device that requires no power, no batteries, and is super easy to store away practically anywhere. This would be perfect to include in a gift basket for new mums!


  • There is no breast shield size, so it may not be comfortable to use, depending
  • It only holds around 100ml of milk
  • The cover doesn’t seal up to prevent leaks
  • If suction is lost, it can fall off, so I prefer to hold it when using

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