Freemie Liberty Double Electric Breast Pump: Nearly Silent & Totally Hidden Pumping!

Freemie Liberty (Double Electric) Breast Pump: A Review

(Also sold in the USA as the NUK Simply Natural Double Electric Breast Pump, with the only differences being the branding and included bottles and Fitme inserts included with the NUK pump.)

The Most Quiet and Discreet Pump All Around

Disclosure: This pump was received in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, I give my honest opinion and I do not recommend products that I don’t love myself. This post contains affiliate links for Amazon which means I earn commissions from qualifying purchases. See the disclosure policy for more details. Or why I disclose here.

*In the USA it is being sold as the NUK Simply Natural Double Electric Breast Pump in select stores. As well as the Freemie Liberty on the Freemie USA website and Amazon. The difference between the Liberty and NUK branded pumps is just that the NUK Simply Natural Pump includes the fitme inserts and bottles with the NUK branding. It is available on Freemie NZ’s website as the Freemie Liberty.*

I have been itching to tell you about this innovative and amazing pump, and the time is finally here! This one is unlike anything I have seen or heard (or rather, not heard much at all) before! The whole pumping system is contained in the breast shells and tiny motor! Let me tell you, this is one to have if you want to express without any eyes wondering what is going on with that outrageous motor noise, and you can even pump while going about every day things with no pumping bra required! Please note as indicated below, this pump has not yet been released besides in select retailers! The current model being sold is a bit more bulky and I’m not sure how quiet.

If you prefer to watch the Youtube video for the details on this pump and see it in action, click here or scroll to the bottom of this post to watch it!

Where to find the Freemie Breast pump: The Freemie Breast Pump can be found on Freemie’s website for Australia& New Zealand and Freemie USA’s website. Amazon USA currently has the NUK Simply Natural Double Electric with a Freemie Collection Cups for sale, and Freemie USA has the Freemie Liberty  available on their website . Other stockists also stock the pump and collection cups.
Cost: $420NZD  or $299USD (and the Independence, which is a simplified version is available through select insurance providers in the USA)

Freemie Australiasia’s Website//Facebook


Open or closed system? Closed.
Single or double? Double. However it can be used as a single pump as well.
Battery operated, plug in, adaptor? Rechargeable battery. Comes with a USB  charger, so it can be charged anywhere.
Manual or Electric? Electric.
Varying shield sizes? What are they? It comes in at least two shield sizes, 25mm and 28mm.  The fitme inserts are available to adjust this shield a bit more comfortably.
Soft or hard? Hard. Though the fitme inserts are soft silicone.
How many phases?  3, in that you can save them to suit your needs. You can set one for pre-letdown and one for when the milk starts flowing, and the other set for single pumping suction.
Does it adjust speed/suction? Yes. It adjusts speed and suction and has three settings which can be saved, as well as a timer which you can set to turn off automatically.
Price? $420NZD ($299USD)
Where to buy? Freemie’s website or select stockists. It is available online on Freemie USA’s website. In the US it is also  sold as the NUK Simply Natural Double Electric Breast Pump with Freemie Collection Cups in select stores. The Liberty is also available on Amazon .
Features? Super small motor with belt clip, rechargeable battery, USB charger, 2 phase expression, three save-able settings for your convenience, nearly silent motor, breast shields which contain the whole pumping system, tubing which is adjustable for your needs, easy pouring spout, single or double pump options, “sleep” timer for automatic off, and turbo mode. Please note you CANNOT lay down with this pump, despite the constant news articles claiming this. You can recline slightly and doze off, but you can’t pump while sleeping.
Other products? Freemie breast milk collection cups which are suitable for other pumping systems to pump more discreetly. You are able to purchase them separately, just be sure you’re getting the new and not the old model collection cups.
Compatible bottle system? You need to pour out the milk into your chosen storage or bottles through the pouring spout.
Adaptors for other bottle systems? The Freemie Collection cups ar compatible with select systems including Freemie Liberty, Freemie Independence, Evenflo Deluxe Advanced, Spectra S1, S2, 9 Plus, Philips Avent, and Lucina Melodi Prime.^

See the Video of how this pump works.. Just the sound of the motor, whole review in video below at bottom

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My Experience

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Ease of use? So long as you get the proper breast shield size, the Freemie is fairly straightforward. Adjust the settings to your needs, and hold down the buttons to save your settings for later use (see video for how to). You don’t even need a pumping bra.
Easy to clean? Very simple and easy to clean. Be sure to follow the instructions for cleaning, so you don’t warp or destroy the collection cups!
Easy to store? Yes! As the shields and motor are all you have, it is very easy and portable for storage. Milk, however, cannot be stored in the cups, so I suggest getting breast milk bags or bottles for this.
Easy to put together? All of the parts are easy to figure out how to put together.
Parts come apart? Everything comes apart easily for very simple cleaning.


Quiet? It is the quietest motor I have heard in a breast pump.
Quick? It is quick and efficient, like other double pumps. (18-150 cycles per minute.)
Comfortable? As I got the proper shield size, it was comfortable and fit well.
Suction is sufficient? The suction was great. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to perform as well as other double pumps because the motor was so quiet, BUT IT WAS GREAT. So many positives for this pump. (Up to 280 mm Hg.)
Portability? Extremely portable! You can disassemble the breast shields for better portability, but it is small to take anywhere, and the motor is tiny.
Volume? The volume can be seen both upright and laying flat. 180-235ml volume.


Overall, I am truly impressed and amazed at this pump! There are so many possibilities with this one. It is such an innovation in the pumping world, to have such a silent and strong motor. (Seriously, listen to thisvideo clip to see how quiet it is!) There is also a timer setting available, so you can set it to stop when you want to stop the session without needing to push any buttons. While it isn’t un-noticeable, all of the breast shield can be contained under your clothing, so you can pump while you are out and about without too many sideways glances! If you put on a scarf, no one would suspect a thing! This is an excellent idea for the pumping world, and I look forward to seeing this product available on the Australian market for mums who want to pump on a bus or train ride, or relieve their engorged breasts without sideways glances as the motor “MOO”s loudly.


  • The breast shells are not completely un-noticeable, as they do stick out, however it can be all contained underneath your clothing without the need for a pumping bra.
  • It does not come with a bottle system, so you will need to store the milk another way.
  • The breast shell will not close to contain the milk once you are finished pumping
  • If you assemble the pump prior to putting in your bra, the tubing may be more difficult to manage. I suggest fitting the shield, and then adding the tubing after you have sorted that out.

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17 thoughts on “Freemie Liberty Double Electric Breast Pump: Nearly Silent & Totally Hidden Pumping!

  1. M says:

    How are the fitme inserts?

    Can you apply the cups in the car as easily or do they get misaligned if you don’t see what you’re doing?
    The company offered very little help about fit and size except for saying I should measure and they guarantee nothing. (so the absolute opposite of Pumpin Pals, which I love.) any insights into sizing it based on your measurements? go 1cm or 3 cm larger?

    • mummyconfessions says:

      I haven’t actually tried the fitme inserts myself (they weren’t out when I originally tried the pump and the shields fit me ok, so I don’t really know how the pump works with them or any help with the sizing. Sorry!
      I do know that there is a nipple ruler for trying to guess shield sizes over at but I’m not sure if that’s helpful or not. Sorry I couldn’t help more!

  2. Katie says:

    Would you recommend this as the only breast pump for a first time new mother, instead of something like the Spectra S2? Or do you think it’s better as a secondary pump to have in addition to a more traditional one?

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Personally, I would recommend having a more traditional pump as your normal pump (even possibly one that is compatible with the Freemie collection cups), as a first time mum if you are not always on the go. I know as a new mum, I wouldn’t typically know what to expect of my supply, so you would just want to keep checking on the output so the cups don’t fill up too much. For myself, I have an oversupply when I have a new baby, so I would need to keep an eye on how much milk is being pumped. I believe the collection cups are compatible with the S2 (feel free to ask Freemie about it though for sure), so those two together would be amazing! This pump, though, is amazingly portable and quiet. So, if it’s too much cost to get both, and you are on the go a lot, or want to pump a lot more discreetly, I would say go for the Freemie. The Spectra S2 (or s1 which is more portable) isn’t really made for travelling, as it has to be plugged in and the motor is a fair bit larger. The motor did seem to work a little more efficiently than the Freemie, so it’s great for if you have the time to sit down and pump.

  3. Chelsea Higgins says:

    Do you know how many cycles per minute range?

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Hi Chelsea, Freemie has informed me that the cycles per minute range is 18-150 cycles per minute ?:)

  4. Kim says:

    Oh and I forgot to ask, what tubing does the Freemie Liberty come with? Is it the same tubing as a Spectra. I ask because I would also like to sometimes use my Spectra Flanges if I need to.

  5. Kim says:

    Do you believe the suction is as good as the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. I ask because the Medela Pump in Style works so well for me… but I just can’t be tied to a cord all the time. Or would you recommend the Medela FreeStyle (because of it’s portability as well) over the Freemie Liberty

    • mummyconfessions says:

      1. I haven’t personally tried the Pump in style breastpump, so I can’t compare those two from personal experience. I have reached out to Medela to ask about the suction level of their pump in style and I am awaiting a response. The Freemie has a suction level up to 280mm Hg (which is hospital grade). In my experience, the suction was pretty close to the Spectra I tried (though the Spectra was a little more efficient) but this can all be in relation to getting the proper breast shield size (which I only used what was given in the typical pump and didn’t purchase additional shields). When you purchase a breast pump, it is especially important to get the proper shield size, not only for your comfort, but it makes the output of milk far more efficient!
      Freemie has inserts (fitme, I think they are called..) that will be available (not sure if they are currently, you would have to ask them) should you need to have a smaller breast shield.
      Pumpables has a great little self measuring system you can print from your home to measure to figure your best size. You can find it here measure
      The closest I would have tried to the pump in style would be either the Spectra S2 or the Medela Swing that I’ve had for years. The spectra s2 was slightly more efficient, and my Medela is about the same efficiency or maybe less (but it’s years old, too).
      2. Here is an answer from Freemie about your tubing and flanges question 🙂 “The tubing is a soft silicone type for all three pieces and is connected by a Y Connector part. Cap one side to double pump. Similar to the Spectra pump tubing.
      The pump will be compatible with a flange and bottle set to pump traditionally. However, this detail is not ready for release.”

      I believe they will be relasing the compatible collection cups within the year, so if you have a compatible pump, you can easily purchase the freemie collection cups and use your existing pump with them. I do believe though that the NEW collection cups are not available as of yet. The ones you would purchase on their website would be the older style (I think!)
      It is possible that the freemie collection cups listed on Babies R Us (US) website are the newer version, but again, you would need to ask Freemie this directly. They are listed as NUK Simply Natural Freemie Collection Cups.

      I hope that helped (however long winded it was!) and if you do have other questions feel free to ask! I will get back to you with the suction levels Medela gives me and I will put this comment in reply on the blog as well ?
      Also, if you message Freemie directly with any questions, they are always happy to respond, and they would have specific information if you would need anything further as well.

  6. Katelyn says:

    do you think it is a good pump for a lot of pumping? i pumped A LOT for my first (filled a stand up freezer), hated being teathered to the kitchen table with the pump. I used a medela pump and style. i am also considering trying the spectra S1.

    thank you!

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Firstly, way to go on the amazing pumping! I only ever had up to maybe 20 bags in The freezer!
      As I’ve only had the Freemie for a few months, I can’t say from experience about the wear and tear on using it often. I would ask Freemie about the warantee period as well (I’m unsure about this, as it’s still not out in Australia, but the US has a couple options to buy this pump). This pump is a great option if you are on the go a lot and want to keep everything under your clothes and quiet.
      I’ve tried the S2 (and my understanding is that the s1 is pretty much the rechargeable battery version of it), and I found that one to be a bit more time effective (I got more milk a little quicker). If you don’t want to be tethered though, this pump is a bit larger (but it’s light!).
      Freemie does also have collection cups which you can purchase separately if you have a compatible pump. (I’m not sure if the Medela pump in style is a compatible pump, but worth asking.)
      I’ve had a Medela swing for the past 5 years as well, and it has been reliable and is portable, too (just not super quiet). Another I’ve reviewed on here that’s a great and portable Double is the Ardo Calypso, which has pretty good reviews, too.
      Spectra has a group on Facebook, actually, if you were interested in their pumps. They are very helpful answering questions of all sorts!
      Sorry for the story of a reply, but I hope it helps!

  7. Stephanie Gutierrez says:

    How is this product at emptying your breasts and is their accessibility to massage out lumps in your breasts while you are pumping? Would you say it is more of a pulling suck (like the Medela pumps) of like a massaging suck (like the spectre)?

  8. Mal says:

    Can you lay down and pump or do you still have to be in an upright position?

    • mummyconfessions says:

      You do need to be in an upright position. There are several news articles which are saying “you can pump while sleeping” or laying down, but Freemie has posted on their Facebook Page that you do need to be upright. A slight incline is ok, but upright works best. If you fall asleep in a recliner sitting upright, it would be ok as you can set the timer to stop pumping.

  9. Michelle says:

    Would you please amend this review with a note that the pump design has TOTALLY changed and is not nearly this small or portable. A mom friend of mine just purchased one and what she was sent is the same as on the Freemie website and doesn’t match the photos of your pump AT ALL. Thank you.

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Michelle, this pump has not been released yet as I’ve indicated in my post, so this reflects the pump that is soon to be released by the Freemie brand.
      Yes, the current pump is not nearly this portable, but I was given a sneak peak on what is to come. They have said sometime this month 🙂 If you check out Freemie’s Facebook they have a little more information.

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