Unimom Forte# Double Electric Breast Pump: An Easy to Navigate, Straightforward Pump

Unimom Forte# (Double Electric Breast Pump): A Review

Easiest To Use Double Electric Breast Pump

Disclosure: This pump was received in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, I give my honest opinion and I do not recommend products that I don’t love myself. See the disclosure policy for more details. Or why I disclose here.

The Unimom Forte# Double Electric Breast Pump is a simple and straightforward pump which can be used as a double, single or even manual pump. There aren’t too many buttons to figure out, and the pump itself is fairly easy to put together.

Where to find the Unimom Forte# pump: http://Uberebaby.com or select retailers
Where to find it internationally:

Ubere Australia’s Website (distributer of Unimom Breast Pumps)//Facebook//Instagram


Open or closed system? Closed.
Single or double? Double. (Capability for single pump, too, and manual pump with extra accessories)
Battery operated, plug in, adaptor? Plug in required.
Manual or Electric? Electric.
Varying shield sizes? What are they? Pump comes with 24mm breast shields and silicone massagers to fit. 27mm breast shield is available for purchase separately.
Soft or hard? Hard or soft. Soft breast shells are included with the pump.
How many phases? 1 push button and one dial for increasing suction.
Does it adjust speed/suction? Yes, it easily adjusts with one dial.
Price? $279.95AUD
Where to buy? Rental Available? It is available for purchase on Uberebaby’s website
Features? Quiet pump, Single or double expression, ability to switch it to manual with the switch kit, hygienic closed system pump, BPA free, CE approved, 1 year warranty, extra long motor life
Other products? Other breast pumps (The Unimom Allegro# and Mezzo#), Milk storage bags, Cooler bag, Nappy/Breast Pump Bag, Switch Kit, wide neck bottle adaptor, disposable breast pads, and Extra parts for the Unimom pump systems.
Compatible bottle system? No. The Unimom breast pump system only has milk storage bottles.
Adaptors for other bottle systems? There is a wide neck bottle adaptor available for purchase separately.

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My Experience


Ease of use? As the Unimom Forte# breast pump only has an on/off switch and knob to increase suction, it is very easy to use. There are no complicated buttons to push.
Easy to clean? All of the parts come apart well enough to clean the pump parts thoroughly.
Easy to store? This is a fairly big motor, but should still be easy enough to store.
Easy to put together? There were a couple more parts, but it was straightforward about what went where and I required minimal instructions for doing so.
Parts come apart? The parts come apart very well for cleaning, though you may still need a bottle brush or straw brush to clean the pump properly.


Quiet? It is slightly quieter than other pumps available, but it isn’t the quietest. It is a double, though, so it does need a powerful amount of suction to work well.
Quick? This pump is fairly quick. However, the suction is controlled by one dial, and there is no way to increase the speed/cycles.
Comfortable? I found the Unimom Forte# to be comfortable. I used the soft shells which mean you do need to decrease the suction, but it fit well. If it doesn’t fit well, there is a 27mm breast shell you can order along with the soft shell inserts.
Suction is sufficient? As the suction in adjustable and sufficient for pumping efficiently. It’s vacuum range is 50-300mmHg.
Portability? The Unimom Forte# has a handle for portability. However, it is a bit heavier than other pumps. It needs to be plugged in to work which does make it tricky to use some of the time.
Volume? The Unicom bottles hold 150ml and the breastmilk storage bags hold 210ml and can be purchased separately.


Overall, this pump was simple and straightforward to use. For someone who doesn’t want to mess around with too many buttons, settings, and options, this would be a great pump to use. I love the fact that this pump can be a double, single, and manual (with the switch kit available separately). This makes it truly versatile. This pump does work well and the suction is good. You do need to increase everything with one dial though, and it does tend to be a little bulkier than other pumps. You need to be mindful that this pump needs to be plugged in to work. This is why purchasing a switch kit alongside this pump would be a good idea (so in case you can’t plug it in, you can still pump). The double pump allows you to express quicker, and it tends on the less expensive side of double pumps available. This pump would be great for someone who is looking for a pump without too much to figure out yet can be used as a double, single or manual pump.


  • You may need a pumping bra with a double pump, depending on if you want to be holding the pumpset while you pump or be hands free.
  • This set does not come with feeding bottles or have a bottle system.
  • The pump does not increase cycles/speed.
  • The Unimom Forte# does not have a letdown/expressing mode, and you need to turn the knob up for increasing suction.
  • It needs to be plugged in for power.

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