Where to Find Recipes?

Mummy Confession: I love finding recipes, especially in places you would never think to look!

I know, it seems like a dumb question, because they are all over Pinterest, and you can Google anything nowadays, but hear me out. Some of these are not my first thought on places to look for recipes. Find some helpful tips on how to find some recipes that may end up being your family favourites! Most of these are free to find, although some will cost the price of a subscription.

Disclosure: This post was accurate in 2018. This post no longer contains affiliate links.


Food product packs (cereal, stock, cookies ,…etc)- I often see recipes on the product Packs of food in grocery stores. Often, it has to do with the product it is on, but they can still be some pretty great ideas!

Food Brand Websites– maybe this is also a given, but food brands want you to have ideas of how to use their products! Recipes are generally in a tab on their main website. If you don’t see one, email them and ask!

Food Magazines– This is obvious, as the magazines are published purely to talk about food, but I didn’t feel I could leave this one out!

Supscription Food/Meal Services– Brands like Marley Spoon , Hello Fresh , Harris Farm, and similar companies deliver all the ingredients to you (some with the recipe)! Their websites seem to be full of ideas for meals and recipes!

Blogs– There are some amazing food bloggers out there! I have featured some on my Meal Plan Mondays, but I haven’t even scratched the surface! They have so many unique and great ideas! Some great ones I’ve found include The Starving Chef, Eat At Our Table, Bites of Flavor, Kidgredients (some great lunchbox ideas here, too), Good Food WeekOh So Busy MumDeliciously Plated, Play With Food (also some good help for fussy eaters), and Easy Peasy Foodie

Dedicated Recipe/Cooking Websites and Facebook Pages- Ones such as Better Homes and Gardens, Betty Crocker, Taste.com.au, Tasty, and more are just overflowing with recipes!

Your local grocery store– Coles  and Woolworths put out quarterly or so magazines, and include some great recipes!

Tupperware or similar retail Parties/Catalogues– I know, right? How fun! The occasional catalogue from Tupperware or even other sales consultants have to I’m sure! Generally I’ve found the recipes tend to be based around products again, but you can always improvise!

The Occasional Ad– There are some ads or circulars that have had recipes. You will generally find them in grocery ads.

Tea Towels or other gift items- Not even kidding. I bought a few tea towels on clearance with recipes for Pancakes, Beverages, and Pavlova!

Other random items– Occasionally there is a random odd product that has a recipe included. What can I say? People love recipes!

Food processor product site or in product (ie slow cooker, blender, etc.)- Similar to brand name food products, the brands that make what you cook food in may also have recipes! My slow cooker and microwave both came with little booklets! Some are available online as well!

Baby food product websites– Sites that make baby food also have ideas of how to use that food within recipes, or just food recipes. Annabel Karmel has an amazing catalogue of baby and other people meals. Bellamy’s Organic has recipes up as well!

Pregnancy, baby and motherhood websites– Places like What to Expect, Babycentre, and Babyology have recipe sections!

Fitness programs Or Healthy Food (and healthy food magazines’) websites- Generally they may coincide with their relevant plan, but places like The Healthy Mummy, Michelle Bridges‘ , or Cooking Light’s websites have free recipes (as well as the ones you get when you purchase their products or plans.

Your local butcher, deli, or supermarket– I recently picked up a great book with salmon recipes after purchasing some fish for my hubs. They are usually free, too!

Pinterest, Yummly, or similar social media- Have you followed all there is for new food ideas? I think not.

They’re just all over the place, because people love finding new ways to eat healthier, find new foods, or just find new ways to cook favourites! What’s the most interesting place you’ve discovered a recipe?

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One thought on “Where to Find Recipes?

  1. umaima says:

    These are very common and easily accessible sources for recipes but the most overlooked and underrated. I rely on a lot pf them for my recipe inspiration too. Thanks for listing 🙂

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