Henry & Grace Sleep Suit: A Review

Mummy Review: I’m a big fan of small businesses and good quality clothing. Henry & Grace has beautifully made fine merino clothing perfect for keeping warm in winter.

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When I saw the Henry& Grace coverall appear on my Instagram feed, I was a huge fan of the colours! It looked like a warm and cosy gift to give a mum-to-be as something unique for her precious baby! I wasn’t wrong to think this adorable piece of babywear would be a great winter pyjama for a cosy sleep!

About the Brand: Henry & Grace is a brand which creates ultrafine merino maternity and baby clothing. Based in Australia, Henry& Grace sources their merino wool from a single farm in Gostwyck, NSW. The ultrafine merino wool is soft and great for keeping baby and mama warm and cosy.

~My Experience~
My bubs was super cosy in the ultrafine merino coverall, even if it was a little big for him. He did manage to wriggle out of one sleeve because he probably would have been better with a size smaller. I love how soft the suit was, and that it let my bubs feel warm, yet not sweaty because of being too hot. It kept him the perfect temperature for cooler nights. It would probably suit my slightly older child for sizes a little better. Gorgeous colours, and love the options for the other colours as well. I think it would make a brilliant gift or keepsake for someone special. A lovely gift for something a little different.


The Material~100% ultrafine Merino (15 micron). So rare, it is only 0.5% of Australia’s total wool production. Mules free. Sourced from a single farm – Gostwyck.^ It really is super soft and beautiful material. I love the feel and apart from the normal itching my baby does because of his eczema, it didn’t make him uncomfortable at all.

The Design~ Stripes always win with me, so the lovely colours just make it better! This coverall also comes in Ebony/Natural (Black/Ivory-like), Natural (just plain Ivory/White), Sweet Blush/Ivory (Pink/Ivory), and Duck Egg/Gentle Grey (Minty-Green/Light Grey).

The Buttons~ They make the suit look lovely! Buttons are a love-hate with this baby, as he just does not sit anywhere near still to change, but I absolutely love buttons on coveralls. These silver snaps looks brilliant with the colours of the suit!

Long Sleeve & Ribbed Cuff Design~ I always love long sleeves for winter, especially for a scratchy baby. The long sleeves are a must for my eczema prone baby. I love the way you can roll the cuffs over or lengthen them. It gives it a bit more longevity.

Sizing~ I found it seems to run a little big compared to similar size pyjamas, and it does stretch a bit.
The Merino Coverall is available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.

Cost&Where to buy~ $62.70AUD on Henry & Grace’s Website

–This item ships worldwide!–

Other Products~ Long Sleeve Bodysuit, Short Sleeve Bodysuit, Singlet Bodysuit, Coverall, Layering Tshirt, Hoodie Jacket, Leggings, Beanies, Wraps, Blankets, and Maternity Dresses, Tops, Leggings and Scarves

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Mummy Confessions Scale for Winter Sleep Wear-
Easy to put on: 3/5– it is a tad difficult to put on, just with buttons and an insanely squirmy baby. He does not sit still well for any change.
Stays on: 5/5– a little baggy, but it does stay on well. I’m pretty sure I just needed a size smaller.
Easy to change baby in: 4/5 – it’s easy enough to unbutton only the part you need to change. My babe is particularly challenging, but it just takes a bit of focus to get him still.
Easy to take off: 4.5/5– buttons do take a little longer, but simple enough to take off.
Keeps baby warm in winter : 5/5 – Definitely keeps bubs warm, but not sweaty! Perfect material for winter, or underneath clothing during the day.
Baby likes it? He doesn’t care for the buttons, because it means he has to stay still for longer, but the material was great and warm but didn’t make him sweaty at night!
Material: 5/5 – Completely gorgeous material! So soft and I love the colour! The ribbed portion is also brilliant, and makes it last a little longer!
Sizing: 5/5 – Sizing is good, though (in my opinion) it runs a little big, it will just last longer. It’s stretchy a bit, too. Hopefully it lasts long enough so it’s not a fight to get on!

Overall Rating of Henry&Grace Merino Sleep Suit: 4/5
The only reason this doesn’t get a full 5 is because buttons and my baby probably don’t mix. It’s super tough to get any clothing on him, so having to button it up made it a bit tougher. If you have a baby who doesn’t death roll like a crocodile and scream their lungs off every change, then you should be fine. I absolutely love the buttons and the whole look and feel of the suit, and I prefer buttons over zips for the aesthetics, but my baby doesn’t care for aesthetics. He is a firm believer that clothing is an awful, awful thing to have to wear. He looks absolutely gorgeous in this suit and this colour! I still would recommend this Suit, especially if you want something adorable and nice for a special bub.

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