Minbie: The Bottle Made for Breastfeeding Babies (&Mums)

Mummy Confession: I ‘ve had a baby or two who refused the bottle. 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Minbie. Any opinions and enthusiasm is my own.

As a mum of three breastfeeding babies, there were times I wanted to just have a break! My first was pretty easy transitioning between bottle and breast, and used the bottles we had purchased from the start. My second and third were exponentially more picky. I eventually gave up on trying to get my youngest to take a bottle with all his struggles and discovery of food allergies. This meant that I couldn’t leave for longer stretches (which seems to be even more necessary the more children you have), and no one else could help in feeding baby.

It was exhausting, needing to plan my excursions outside of the house, especially during those days of cluster feeding. Sometimes mums just need a little bit of a break!

The Minbie bottles and teats would have come in handy for those days!

Having a baby is life-changing! I love that Minbie is committed to helping mums by creating a bottle (and breast pump) that will allow them a little more flexibility in feeding baby, because we know that every mum needs support!

Photo Credit: Minbie; Used with permission


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Minbie is an Australian brand which has created a range of bottles, teats and other products to help promote the bond of breastfeeding between mum and baby.

The Minbie bottle teats are uniquely shaped and unlike other teats I have seen anywhere else. It is a patented design which allows bub to latch and feed correctly and similarly to breastfeeding. It’s designed to prevent a weak latch, lazy feeding, nipple confusion, reflux and colic.* It comes in 7 different flows, including a paced feeding nipple! The teats are made from premium-quality soft, flexible, BPA-free silicone sourced from Germany*

Photo Credit: Minbie; Used with permission


[It is Minbie’s mission] to empower new mums by giving them greater flexibility to introduce a bottle with the ease of mind knowing that their baby’s precious breastfeeding ability will be nurtured and protected. Our patented teat achieves this with a unique design that allows a baby to latch and feed correctly and helps to prevent a weak latch, lazy feeding, nipple confusion, reflux and colic.

We’re proud to have helped over 200,000 parents with their breast and bottle feeding journey and our goal is to help over one-million new parents.

With over 9000 5-Star Reviews, Minbie is the highest rated baby bottle by Australian Mums.*

As a mum who frequents online mother’s groups, I have found the Minbie to be highly recommended for mothers who have tried other bottles with no success.

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I wish I had tried this bottle, as it seems to have made such a big difference for many mums Australia wide.

Listen to Haley’s experience with Minbie!

from Minbie on Vimeo.

While breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months to establish a latch and supply, it is good to have an option should you need to use a bottle before this time frame.

Minbie has several options for starter kits as well as their unique bottles. They include several bottles and nipples for each stage, with savings for purchasing them all together.

They have recently created a double electric breast pump which boasts hospital grade power, rechargeable battery for portability, comfortable and flexible silicone cups and night light and backlit display.

Photo Credit: Minbie; Used with permission


For mums concerned about cost, or hoping to space out payments, Minbie offers Afterpay for convenient instalments for purchases over $100 and free shipping for orders over $55.
They have options for purchasing just a single bottle kit, or a bundle suited to the stage you would need. Teats are also available for purchase separately along with a handy bottle and teat cleaning solution.
(For my US mummies, Minbie also has a US website where you can find them here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Minbie bottles, breast pump or their range of products, check out their FAQs here, or find the information you need by sending them a message or email!

What would you do with a little more freedom to leave baby in the care of someone else who could do the feeding, without being worried about baby taking the bottle?

Minbie Website// Facebook// Instagram

Photo Credit: Minbie; Used with permission


*Sourced from Minbie

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