May-Thurner Syndrome, Stent Placement & DVT: One Year Later!

Mummy Confession: I’ve been REALLY bad about updating this blog this year. There are a few reasons. One is definitely my tolerance for sitting in front of a computer in a chair for long periods of time has decreased drastically. It’s been a year since the discovery of a DVT (which I probably had for 10 days before realising). A year ago, I walked, limped really, around in pain wondering why that “pulled muscle” just hadn’t resolved after ten days and the just wouldn’t touch it anymore. I put off getting medical help until I was in excruciating pain Read More

“Do You Want Any More Kids” Is a Loaded Question Now

Mummy Confession: While I would love to think that this is a simple yes or no, ever since the eventful past months, this is now a loaded question Now, I’m not one to discuss intimate details of my marriage, especially in regards to whether we are trying for children or if they were “planned,” but I figured it is pretty relevant to my most recent adventure to discuss the potential for kids, and it seems many people are pretty interested to know whether our family will be growing in the future. It’s simply a loaded question at the moment, and Read More

How Life Has Changed Since My May-Thurner Syndrome Diagnosis

Mummy Confession: I’m not certain much is different, as life seems to have moved on. A new normal will just have to be normal for now! It’s been three months since I had a stent placed in a collapsed vein. Three months since I woke from surgery with pain registering on the scale of 9-10 and had to slowly wean off of painkillers when the pain became a bit more manageable. Three months of wearing compression stockings, taking daily blood thinners and sleeping restlessly during the night with a pillow propped between my legs. Three months where I feel so Read More