Small Gift Ideas for Children: Stocking Stuffers for Babies & Kids

Mummy Confession
: It always seems to be hard to buy for the littles when they can’t tell you exactly what they love.

How do you fill up their stocking with goodies if you have absolutely no clue of what to purchase? I’ve included some of my favourite items to include for my kids, as well as some other suggestions that would be good to take on board! These gift ideas can be used for anything though, really! From Christmas to birthday gifts and even goodie bags!

Are you after last minute gift ideas, too? Check out the list for those here.

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Find other holiday gift ideas HERE (for the USA) and HERE (For Australia)

Honestly, I’ve found shopping at to be a great place to start getting ideas for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. If you have a browse, sometimes it helps get those creative juices flowing!

I’ve also listed some shops at the bottom to help find a range of ideas for your little ones

The Basics:
Items that get used often and will be used throughout the year. Yes, maybe it’s cheap, but my kids love getting things like kids’ toothpaste/baby toothpaste, kids & babies’ socks, and various other items which will be useful. Maybe they’re different, but I’ve always found it handy to slip these types of goodies into the stockings for everyone. Saves me a few grocery trips sometimes, too! Trying new brands may also be a way to throw a little more fun into these items, too. (Child’s Farm is a great new brand available in Australia which is great for sensitive skin AND it smells amazing!)
Bubble Bath 
Body Wash 
Baby Lotion
Nappy Rash Cream 
Baby, Toddler, or Kid Socks


Milestone Achievements/Future Necessities Stuff:
If you have a littler bub or toddler, things for future stages do come in handy as well as make cute little additions for gift and stocking items! Is bubs ready to start solids (or in any stage before that, and you can plan for future months), or getting ready to sleep in their own room? Including gifts for those exciting and future milestones can be lovely!
(We’ve even got some blog posts on some of these stages in the bold font.)
Newborn ItemsMilestone BlanketsSwaddles, Etc
Teething ItemsMunch MittTeething Toys (like Mini Lolo or Pipa), Etc
Crawling Items-Crawling ToysBaby Knee Pads or Leg Warmers, Etc
Starting Solids Items Sippy Cups Bowls/Plates, Etc
Toilet Training Items– Training Underwear, Etc
Sleeping in a New Bed/Room Items- Night LightSecurity Item, Etc

Special Occasion Stuff:
Are you planning a trip or event in the near future, or as a part of your Christmas present? Add some little bits and pieces which will give a clue, or just be a great addition for your trip or adventure!
Travel Items (Read some suggestions here of what to take along)
Activities for the trip there
DVDs/Movies for the trip
Music for the trip
Anything for the trip there!

School/Daycare Stuff:
Again, in the more useful column, sometimes school items you will need for the new school year can be exciting and useful!
Water Bottle
Bento Box
Name Labels/Stickers
Food Storage (We use SinchiesSubo Food Bottles, fun ZAK containers and various food pouch storage things)

Fun Stuff:
Things that will get some use, but may be thrown to the side after a few plays in exchange for a cardboard box. These aren’t nearly as useful, but they seem to be enjoyed by quite a few of our littles. They also make a good addition to the Bribe Box.
Craft Items

Snack/Food Stuff:
Always good for on the go! Some treats that are useful and even fun at times! Maybe even a chocolate treat they don’t have too often!
Sipahh Straws
Lunchbox Snacks
Christmas Stocking pre-filled with chocolate

Blind Bag/Surprise Stuff
It goes without saying that kids love being surprised, and these little gifts are perfect to sneak in as a little extra!
There are so many options for them, too


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