Must See Baby Products for 2019!

MummyConfession: I absolutely love finding new products, especially innovative ones that will help parents and carers (or make it just a little easier being a parent).

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I’ve created a list of products to look out for in 2019 if you are trying to find new and innovative products on the market!
Our list from 2018 is here, and are still very innovative products to check, too!

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Cocooned– Beautifully made shirts and onesies which are accessible for medical care and hospital stays.
Find Cocooned Products Here

Cocooned makes t shirts and onesies (for babies) with soft fabric and accessible for medical needs and hospital stays. Photo courtesy of Cocooned: Used with permission

Lil Zippers– Unique zipper alternative styled clothing to press-studs to make change time a little easier!
Find Lil Zippers Here

Lil’ Zippers is a unique style zipper to make change time easier; Photo courtesy of Lil’ Zippers: Used with permission


Mashblox– Silicone blocks which make introducing food a little less stressful and gives the control of self-feeding.
Find Mashblox Here (Use the code 0mummyconfessions0xblox to save 10%)

Sinchies– Food Storage and feeding solutions with a variety of sizes and uses! From pouches for babies, to breastmilk storage, and even ice block and wrap sized pouches. These are reusable and washable bags which can be used for a variety of purposes!
(Check out my review of Sinchies here)
Find Sinchies Here on Amazon or their website here

Some of the range of Sinchies we tried recently

Subo Food Bottle– A no-squeeze bottle perfect for yoghurt, porridge, purees, and a range of other less solid foods.
Find Subo Food Bottle Here on Amazon or their website here

Linens& Bedtime

Baby Loves Sleep Koala Hugs– A swaddle which allows you to tuck bub’s arms into pockets and then wrap, so baby is swaddled arms up.
Find Koala Hugs Here

Koala Hugs by Baby Loves Sleep; Photo Courtesy of Baby Loves Sleep: used with permission

Bebitza Beswaddle– A swaddle for baby with legs rather than the typical sleeping bag style!
Find BeSwaddle Here

Dream Scent Sheets– An innovative sheet which can be used with clothing from mum or dad to comfort bubs in their own sleep space.
Find Dream Scent Sheets Here

How to use the Dreamscent; Photo Courtesy of Dreamscent: Used with permission

Ergopouch Joey Trackable Comforter– A baby comforter/lovey which has a trackable component so you don’t need to worry about losing this comfort item!
Find Joey Trackable Comforter Here

Don’t lose the comforter again! Photo courtesy of Ergopouch: Used with permission

Spewy Blanket– A super absorbent microfibre and terry towelling blanket perfect for sick children or bub’s spit up! No more yucky wet towels!
Find the Spewy here



Little Balance Box– A no wheels walker for your baby. Less likely to scream across slippery surfaces and end in falls, this innovative design takes your baby’s desire to push everything while they master the art of walking. It can be used as a small table or drum as well!
Find Little Balance Box here

Modern Monty Wooden Flash CardsAvailable in counting and colours or animal varieties, these gorgeous and adorable flashcards are great for little hands and play time!
Find Wooden Flash Cards here

Softmats– Dwinguler and Bubba Mats perfect for padding play time floors, saving little hands and knees.
Find Softmats Here

Softmats options include floor mats and seating! Photos courtesy of Softmats: Used with permission

Sago Mini Pillow Playset– The playset that packs away into a pillow! Soft toys on the go perfect for pretend. They come in a few styles.
Find the Sago Mini Pillow Playset here on Amazon or their website here

Step2 Direct AustraliaA range of products from the American brand Step2 now available in Australia! The roller coaster is especially enticing!
Find Step2 Products here on Amazon or their Step2 Direct Australia website Here



Child’s Farm Skin/Bath Care RangeA lovely new range of natural bath and skin care for baby (and grown kids) which is mostly vegan (except their products with honey), and great for kids with eczema!
Find Child’s Farm Here on Amazon or their website here

Cuddlebee Towel An apron style hooded towel with a Velcro fasten for wrapping around mum or dad to keep them dry while wrapping baby after a bath.
Find Cuddlebee Here

Curash Nappy Rash Spray– Nappy Rash cream in a spray! Save your fingernails and touching super sensitive rashes with this handy spray!
Find Curash Nappy Rash Spray Here on Amazon or their website here

Storage & Out and About

BBox Stroller Organiser A compact and handy little bag to store necessities while out! Great to just throw in the car, pack in your purse, or hang on the pram!
Find B.Box Here

Buggy Cart- An attachable storage cart for your pram! This new and improved pram storage can hold up to two boxes of nappies (or a variety of other things you may need while out and about).
Find Buggy Cart Here

The Buggy Cart: Photo Courtesy of Buggy Cart: Used with permission

C’est Petite Vienna Wipouch Reusable Wipes Storage made of plastic material with water resistant properties. They come in a variety of designs, too!
Find WiPouch Here

Wipouch comes in several sizes and designs! Photo Courtesy of C’est Petite Vienna: Used with permission

FIFO StrollerA pram for your travel needs from newborn through to toddlers, and even the ability to attach to a second pram (if you have more children).
Find FIFO Stroller Here

Humbaby– Hum Baby nappy caddy is a nappy bag and purse insert which can make storage more accessible and your bag more organised.
Find Humbaby nappy caddy here

Photo Courtesy of Humbaby: Used with permission

Mama & Estelle Car Seat Key– Long nails or just have a hard time pushing the release button on car seats? This handy little tool helps grandparents and parents alike and saves sore joints and beautiful manicures, too!
Find the Car Seat Key Here

The Car Seat Key: Photo by Mama&Estelle and used with permission

Musluv– UPF 50+ Baby covers which shield bubs from harmful UV rays (not your ordinary muslin wrap!)
Find Musluv here on Amazon or their website here

The Musluv Sun Cover. Can be used for several things including a sun cover, feeding cover, and more! Photo courtesy of Musluv: Used with permission

Our Joey Forget-Me-Not Pocket Pack– A lovely little storage option to pack essentials for the nappy bag, pram, or just as a go-to for your out and about adventures.
Find Forget-Me-Not Pocket Pack Here

Our Joey Forget-Me-Not Pocket Pack; Photo Courtesy of Our Joey: used with permission



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