Super Last Minute Gift Ideas: Quick Gift Solutions for All Occasions

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Mummy Confession: I’m an expert procrastinator. Last minute is my thing most times.

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For those of you who may be scrambling for ideas for last minute gifts for people you just can’t figure, or those you may have forgotten about until now (whoops!), here are some ideas or beginnings of suggestions for very super last minute gifts!

These ideas can work for Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, baby showers and other days or events you may feel obligated to get something! Scroll the bottom to see some more gift ideas for specific occasions. There is also this list of “stocking stuffer ideas” which can be used for other occasions as well. 

Gift cards or E-gift cards
This is obviously the top thought for last minute gifts. You can purchase these in store or online on the days stores are closed. This works well for those you may have just completely forgotten about on Christmas day (or if they got you something and you want to return the favour). You can also find a selection of gift cards and e-gift cards on or . Do note that the physical gift cards may take time to ship, though.

Subscriptions to various things
Whether it’s a jello-of-the-month club, yearly subscription to Vogue, or a surprise pampering pressie, these can be done easily online as well, the day of, and you can print a nice little voucher with a lovely note to say their gift will be on its way straight to their doorstep 🙂 or purchase a voucher for a subscription place if they have a range of choices so they can choose.
Some lovely ideas range from Subscription Baby Boxes to meal plans, TV subscription services, and even international foods. And of course there are always magazines for various topics.

If you’re after physical gifts, consider:

Home-made stuff
A macaroni necklace or delicious cookies, you can create homemade gifts even in the very last minutes! These are great, especially for parents to involve children in giving gifts. Be sure to consider any dietary requirements of the receiving party if it is edible! Check out Pinterest for ideas and recipes! (Search whatever occasion it is plus the words “craft ideas” or “gifts from kids”)

Their favourite food or drink or seasonal treat only available for limited times
One that they typically don’t buy, or one hard to find are big bonuses! Put in a nice basket, box, or even with or in a cute cup or bowl for easy indulging. (See also, Gift Hampers)

Large prints already framed
Printing off a nice photo they would enjoy and buy a frame, put the photo inside, wrap, and voila! So many stores offer same-day services for photo printing, so this one is a quick fix!

Gift Hampers
Pre-made and easy to purchase, many stores have hampers for special occasions, especially when it comes to public celebrations such as Christmas, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. You could also make one yourself with some thought of various loved goodies and a nice basket or box! If you’re after a gift hamper and you’ve left a little more time, check out these hamper and subscription ideas.

A Lunch or Dinner Reservation or Takeaway from a quality restaurant
This may not work as a last minute idea around holidays such as Mother’s or Father’s Day, but you may be able to sneak in a takeaway order! If you’re decent at cooking, that could also be a good idea!

A Day or Afternoon Out
Spoil them completely! See a movie or venture to the zoo! There are a huge range of things to do both free (like the beach-a picnic perhaps?) and paid (ever heard of a trampoline park?) to suit pretty much any person or celebration. Is she a tired mum? A day at the spa ranks among some top suggestions for a day away!

Other Last minute suggestions
And a list of random things for last minute that can range in prices depending on the receiver and your budget, consider:
Candles, towels, wallets, backpacks/bags/purses, hand creams/other bath&body range, flowers, wine or boxes of chocolate/biscuits. Or, check out specialty gift stores for even more ideas!

Best of luck to anyone who braves the shopping centres nearing any holiday! The Saturday’s before are usually the worst!
(Working in retail, I was told the Saturdays before Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the worst- in that order.)
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  1. Kaity says: you can get a Style Box subscription for someone! They are fun nail wraps 🙂 subscription service based.

    • mummyconfessions says:

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