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Mummy Confession: I love using products that I know have a positive effect not only for me using them, but also for someone else in the world. 

Disclosure: The products have been provided in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own and I do not recommend products I don’t love. See my disclosure policy for further details.

Thankyou brand is all about products that offer a life-changing impact through food, water, health and sanitation programs around the world. Through your purchase, the Thankyou brand gives 100% of profits to these programs, and you are able to track your impact! I absolutely love that there are brands out there modelled in such a way to help others AND offer great products for people to purchase. As you may remember, I did a review on the Thankyou brand nappies (here)  in The Great Australian Nappy Review (here), and they rank among my top choices for mums to try with their little ones as they were absorbent and super soft! Their other products are definitely no different!

thankyou, baby care range

What products are offered in the Thankyou Baby Care Range? Thankyou brand offers Baby Wash, Baby Shampoo, Baby Bath Milk, Baby Lotion, Nappy Balm, Baby Ointment, as well as Nappies and Baby Wipes within their Baby Care Range. They also offer a Mum & Bubs Massage oil which I haven’t tried.

What’s in the Thankyou products? This range specifically is free from SLS, SLES, EDTA, and Parabens. They are all not tested on animals, formulated to be mild & gentle and dermatologically tested. Bath products are soap free as well as PH balanced. All of their products are made in Australia.

Where can I buy Thankyou products? The Thankyou range is available on their website (here), or it can be found in stores such as Coles, Woolworths and other stockists.

My Thoughts:

I personally tried all of these products with my children and loved them! The outspoken one said that the smell of the wash and shampoo were a little strong the first time, as she wasn’t used to it (this is the pickier of the two), but middle said she loved the smell.  They both loved the lotion and it made a great moisturiser after bath or shower time! The Milk Bath was just used with the older two (as the littlest has a milk allergy), and they enjoyed feeling a bit pampered and moisturising their skin a bit more than a normal bath.

The nappy rash cream was thick and worked well for redness and the baby ointment was brilliant to put on a sensitive bub’s skin!

My favourite product from this line has to be the Baby Wipes, which are comparable to top brands for thickness, and I recommend them for mums who are after wipes that are the proper thickness and moistness for use on your bub. (I’ve actually recommended them countless times for mums to try after using them, too.)

Overall, I love the model Thankyou has going for its brand and products and would definitely recommend checking them out to try their products. If you are after products which are more natural and gentle for bub AND have a life-changing impact for the good, Thankyou brand may be one of your favourites, too!

The only considerations for these products would be that they do tend to have a stronger smell (from the natural ingredients they use), and that they are a bit pricier than some other brands. However the impact you make with your purchase always needs to be taken into consideration as well. All around, I was pleased with the products, and the quality Thankyou brand provides along with an impact on the world for years to come.

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