I’m not ready…Your First Year At School

Mummy Confession: I’m not ready for school to start for the first time ever in my parenting journey.

I’m not talking about the supplies and the backpack, or even the uniform and homework. I’m not ready.
But, it isn’t really up to me, is it? They grow up, and life goes on.

I’m sure some mums may be there with me if their littles are heading to school for the first time or the last time, it’s all such an emotional things for me as a mum. I’ve written a little letter to my soon to be school-kid. It all goes by so fast!

My dear little one,
You know how mums always say, “they grow up so fast!” Well, this is one of those fast parts of life. How has it come so quickly? It seems like yesterday I was cuddling you, brand new to the world, and now I can barely hold you in my arms- you’ve grown so much!
For the past years you have enjoyed carefree days without too much scheduling or routine, because I know you don’t have that for a lot of your life, so I wanted you to enjoy it. I hope you have. You are such a free spirit.
I’m so excited for you to start your first time at school, but I’ve also been hiding my tears. Tears from all of the thoughts of “my little baby in the big wide world, all by herself.” I don’t want to hamper your joy with my emotional mum feelings and thoughts of just yesterday when I was holding your tiny little hand and inhaling all of the sweet newborn smells.
I don’t want you to go to school with fears of missing out at home, or missing anyone here. I want you to just enjoy your new adventure and all of the new things you will be learning and loving.
I hope you remember your manners, and to be kind to others without me pestering you for “please”s and “thank you”s, or reminding you that you don’t need to shout to get someone’s attention.
I’m praying that you won’t be the brunt of anyone’s bullying or jokes- I know all too well those sticks and stones can quickly turn physical and damage your spirit as well as your body. I’m hoping I’ve taught you to be kind, regardless of how others act, yet to stand up for yourself should they try to get you down.
I want you remember to be mindful of others, but not at a detriment to who you are. Not everyone will want to be your friend. Try not to take it to heart. Not everyone will have the same thoughts and opinions as you, and that’s ok. The world is made up of people with differences.
In light of the fact that people are different to you, don’t do things if they just don’t seem right. Whether or not your friends are doing it.
Lastly, I will always be here to hear your stories, your struggles, your hope and your heartache, so don’t be afraid to talk to me. Nothing is “stupid” when it comes to your life, and I love you! I am so proud of the person you are already, and I hope you meet so many others that feel the same in your adventures!
All my love,
Your Mum (& # 1 Fan)
Do you have a little one starting on an adventure of their own? What are your fears and hopes for them?

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