Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors: A Complete Review

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Mummy Review
: As a smaller person, carrying a baby in-arms gets exhausting easily. A good carrier for long trips is essential if I don’t have a pram.

Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors

Disclosure: The following carrier was provided in exchange for a review. This has no effect on my opinion and review and all opinions are my own.

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Multiple Carrying Configuration
Adjustable Bits
Handy Extras
Video Overview and How-to-use
Mummy Confession Rating

The Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors is a carrier for newborns up to children the age of three. It is described as the perfect carrier for family days out. I had the chance to try it out indoors, outdoors, and on an adventure through a torrential downpour. I have described a few of the features of the carrier below, as well as how I found this specific feature to work personally. I have also included pictures of each feature so it is easy to find.

Baby Bjorn, Bjorn, baby, baby carrier, carrier, babywearing, soft structured carrier, carry them close, back carry

Multiple Carrying Configuration

: The Carrier One Outdoors is a 4 position carrier, allowing for inward front carrying, in addition to special newborn height position, back carrying, and front carrying outward facing as well. It is approved and tested as a, “hip-healthy baby carrier” by the  International Hip Dysplasia Institute.^Baby Bjorn, Bjorn, baby, baby carrier, carrier, babywearing, soft structured carrier, carry them close, back carry



I could place both my giant infant (10kg) and my tiny toddler (under 15kg) easily into the carrier facing towards me, and my toddler into the back carry position as well. I had to ensure I adjusted the carrier appropriately to take the weight off of the shoulder straps and place them more on my hips. Once I did this, it was a lot easier to manage.Baby Bjorn, Bjorn, baby, baby carrier, carrier, babywearing, soft structured carrier, carry them close, back carry, front carry


My infant thoroughly enjoyed front facing in the front, but it did make it a bit harder on my back, because he wouldn’t stop kicking. I believe it’s recommended  not to front face them for too long, as it puts more pressure on your back as well as provides no escape for bub from overstimulation. I found about fifteen minutes was decent. At the same time, my back didn’t feel strained like in other carriers with a different, less supportive configuration.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Its fairly easy to adjust from forward facing to back carrying as well, which is a nice change from trying to do this with other carriers. (The video at the bottom is a bit better at showing how to go from forward carrying to back carrying)

Baby Bjorn, Bjorn, baby, baby carrier, carrier, babywearing, soft structured carrier, carry them close, back carry

Adjustable Bits

Do you know why I love adjustable things? It’s because of the height and build difference between my husband and I. We can both easily wear this carrier with nearly a foot height discrepancy and differing builds. Check out all these parts that make it comfortable to wear for both baby and the person carrying the little one.

Zipper Adjustment For Small Baby and Big Baby/ToddlerUntil I read into it, I discovered there was a zipper that I needed to move in order to fit my larger baby into the carrier comfortably. I may have tried to fit my large infant with the newborn insert and wondered why it was so hard. So, just be sure you set the right zipper up before squeezing baby into the carrier! Zippers are well labelled as to the requirements for use, so just unzip from the indicated space and zip to the required size. For tiny newborns, there is also a button and loop to attach on the outside for more cozy carrying.

I use the bottom zipper indicated for a larger infant

Adjustable waist and clip: I found this little detail of the hook for the waist clip completely brilliant! No fussing around with buckles or trying to push together two bits and not able to reach the back to close it properly. One easy hook, adjust the waist properly with the belts, and you’re done. Simply face the mesh portion towards your body, slip the carrier over your head and against your chest, and you are good to get baby fitted into the carrier.

Back of the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors

Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Everything about this carrier lets you adjust to your proper fit and comfort. The thicker fabric, with a similar style to the belt, allows you to pull to adjust the shoulder straps. The black portion on the shoulder strap is actually a place to adjust the carrier around your shoulder blades. The black bits slide up and down along the lanyard-style adjuster (as seen in photos). This black strap that goes across your back also adjusts by pulling the black strap to the most comfortable tightness.

Quick release clips: The carrier has four clips which easily attach to secure Baby into the carrier, and also make for a nice and easy quick escape in case you need to put down a sleeping baby, or unload a child after carrying them through a rainstorm. I love this feature, because it means I can transfer a still-sleeping baby from carrier to cot much easier! Anything that makes it easier for mum is amazing!

The clips quickly release for easy and quick use
baby bjorn, baby bjorn carrier one, baby bjorn carrier one outdoors
Some positions require you to unzip the bottom like so

Bottom Zipper (for use in certain carry positions)
Sometimes you need to unzip the bottom of the carrier for certain positions (Such as forward facing while wearing baby on the front position). Please refer to the carrying positions guide in the carrier for the appropriate use of these zippers.

Baby Bjorn Teal Strap (for Forward Facing)
Pull on the Baby Bjorn labelled teal strap when forward facing your baby, so they are more comfortable see and their face isn’t covered. I discovered this after wondering why it wasn’t more tailored to facing forward. Upon investigation, this definitely comes in handy. Silly me!


The materials used in this carrier are great! They make a beautiful, breathable and soft carrier for both baby and mum (or anyone else using it)! Here are some of the highlights!

Place baby in the mesh portion of the carrier, leaving mesh between you and baby for a comfortable carry

Breathable Material: The mesh fabric used is great for keeping sweating from Baby wearing to a minimum, and keeping baby cooler. I love the mesh between bubs and whomever is carrying, as that will help with the cooling as well! I found it was great for the warmer weather we have been having, it kept bub and mum both cool enough.

Easy to Wash: Though the fabric is good for repelling dirt and easy to wipe clean, the website says that it can be washed at 40C and dries quickly.^ This is great, because you don’t need your carrier out of commission solely to wash!

Quickly Dries: This material also makes it a lot quicker to dry than the conventional Carriers. I have proven this in my experience through a downpour. The material did repel a bit, so mum and bub weren’t as wet from the carrier as well as the rain itself! It took a few hours to dry before I would wear it again, even in the muggy weather.

Soft, Comfortable, Beautiful Fabrics: One of the first things I noticed- it’s so soft! The gorgeous turquoise colour is a big plus as well! I believe this one comes in either black or turquoise. Though I’m usually in favour of the darker colours, the turquoise is beautiful, and did I tell you it’s soft?! My husband agrees the colour isn’t too feminine or masculine for either mum or dad to wear it. I am personally of the opinion that dads look much better baby wearing. ?

Handy “Extras” (I haven’t found in other Carriers)
I love all the great things in just the carrier itself, but in addition to that, you also get these included (and two are part of the carrier itself). I found these all useful!

Baby bjorn

Storage/Carry Bag: The first thing I realised removing it from the box is that it comes inside a bag! This makes it so much easier to take along in case you decide to pack it away, it’s easy to do! I was glad it wasn’t an option extra, as I remember needing to find something to carry my Ergo along with us.

Pocket for keys, phone, etc: Another feature that popped out to me was the pocket, which isn’t directly behind baby’s back like other carriers I’ve tried. It’s a separate pouch on the belt of the carrier. It can move around the belt, and be used to hold th excess belt as well. It is made of the same lovely fabric as the outside of the carrier.

Pocket for Instructions/Handy Instructions: Get this, there is a tag with the instructions for the positions the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors offers! This tag tucks into a handy pocket on the carrier, so, for people like me who get flustered at figuring things out, we’ll have somewhere to look. Such a great idea! I found it especially handy to figure out when I needed to unzip the bottom portion or how to figure the newborn/baby zipper.

Overall, I found that I loved this carrier, and really enjoyed all the features! I was thoroughly impressed with the ease of putting it on, as well as taking it off. My infant now gets excited when he sees this carrier- I’m not kidding! Plus, it has made getting him to sleep a whole lot easier, with less struggle.

I have rated the carrier according to my Mummy Confessions Scale here for a quick glance synopsis:

Overall Carry Rating: 4/5 for me, a short person with average build.
Ease of Use: 4/5 as it took me a little looking around to get the hang of it. It’s fairly straight forward though.
Little Baby Rating: Unable to judge, as I don’t have a tiny baby.
Baby Carry Rating: 4/5 as it’s fairly easy to even get a squirming baby in, it is comfortable and supportive
Toddler Carry Rating: 5/5 for front Carry while facing inwards.
Back Carry Rating: 3.5/5 as I can’t quite manage to get it easily from front to back carry as described, but I’m sure with practise it will be fairly easy.
Baby Sleep Rating:5/5 Baby fell asleep in this  nearly every time I put him in, big plus for the terrible sleep cycle we have been at lately!
Features: 5/5 There are so many!
Sit Down Rating: 4/5 You can sit at a slight incline, but you need to support bubs head a little.
Transfer Rating: 5/5 It is super easy to remove baby and try to keep them sleeping if you need  quick escape, or to get out in th middle of a rainstorm and into the car.

Daddy Rating:

I personally like the ease of use, build quality and the features of the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors. It’s also comfortable to wear, and judging by my babies reactions, comfortable to be carried in.

Baby Bjorn have come up with another great product.

I give it 5/5 ?.

For further information on this carrier, as well as other carriers available, check out Baby Bjorn Australia’s website here. Australians can also find it fairly discounted at the moment here.

Thank you so much for the chance to review your carrier, Baby Bjorn! I love discovering new products that make Mummy-ing easier!

^Information obtained on Baby Bjorn Australia’s website

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14 thoughts on “Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors: A Complete Review

  1. Amanda Rinehart says:

    This looks so nice! I have a Tula carrier…and I think I love it…but it’s the only one I have tried! My son is massive (like 23lbs at 5 months old massive) and carrying him on the front hurts my back already! But I don’t like back carrying him because I can’t see him and he’s still so young!

    • mummyconfessions says:

      That’s a big boy!
      I currently have a (last weighed at 7mo) 22lb bub (10kg) and this is what puts him to sleep at night! The Baby Bjorn has some good support. I know Tula is supposed to be a great brand as well!
      I’ve only tried Ergo and Baby Bjorn (in addition to a few other cheap Carrier/wrap/slings) and this one is my preferred carrier overall.

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Thank you so much! I definitely love this Carrier! My favourite of any I have tried so far, too!

  2. Jaki says:

    This is just brilliant! I wish I had had one of these when little man was smaller – at four we’ve missed the boat but what a great invention. Thanks for linking up a second post to #TriumphantTales

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Thank you! I am very thankful for these inventions people have to make life a little easier with a little one!

  3. Mrs Mummy Harris says:

    oooo this looks really good! I’ve been considering getting one as I have a prolapsed disc and my chunky monkey is too heavy to hold on my hip and im worried the sling isnt sturdy enough now he’s older!
    Thank you for this review, will be looking into getting one!
    Thank you for joining us at #TriumphantTales

    • mummyconfessions says:

      This one is definitely easier on the back than a few of the ones out there. I think all of the adjustments help as well to get the right fit!
      I recommend if you can find a babywearing group or try before you buy in store with baby along, just to make sure it’s the right one for you! 🙂

  4. Becky @ Educating Roversi says:

    I had a baby bjorn with my son and I really liked it but didn’t use it as much as I would have liked. If i have another, I think i’d like to do more baby wearing. #TriumphantTales

    • mummyconfessions says:

      I didn’t do a lot of babywearing with my first either. My second wasn’t a fan, but my third seems to love it! It’s really helping with sleep lately, too!

    • mummyconfessions says:

      This one looked a bit more complex than the Other Carriers I was used to, but it didn’t take long to figure it out. Now, it’s the only carrier my baby wants to be carried in, and he gets excited when I put it on (and it helps to put him to sleep so well)!

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