I kept the kids alive

Mummy Confession: Some days I do nothing all day.

….ok, except keep the kids alive…and referee their sibling matches.

Today, for instance. So far, I’ve held the child who will simply not be put down. I know I will have mothers saying you can put the baby in some sort of contraption to carry them with you, leaving your hands free to accomplish all your heart desires. He will have none of that. Only my arms will do. You know what? I have to be alright with that these days. And though sometimes it frustrates me to no end when the laundry sits unfolded and the dishes unwashed, I have done what I am supposed to do.

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Even if my brain is going crazy over all the things left unkept and uncleaned, I need to just be still and take care of my babies. I mean, that’s my job right? I need to remind myself every day that my job as their mother is far more important than a tidy counter, finished laundry or a spotless bathroom. Especially days like these.

My children will grow up soon enough and be off to school, leaving me to clean as I need.

For now, they are the wrecking balls and tornados that run behind me as I clean, displacing everything all over again. And my babe needs me to comfort and cuddle him all day.

To you mamas and papas who feel completely awful for getting “nothing” done all day, please think again. You were needed much more by your children than your dishes. You have not wasted your time by holding your baby.

Even though it may seem I am accomplishing nothing, I am really accomplishing everything I should.

Hold them, cuddle them, and tell them you love them ❤️

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