How to Cope as an Ex-Pat Mother: Strategies For Coping with Homesickness

Mummy Confession: I miss my American friends and family all the time. And occasionally a few other things about my “home” country. I was a teenager when I first visited what I now call home. I had no clue that the metric system would be an integral part of my future. I scoffed at science and math problems that had me calculate train collisions using meters per second speeds. Though, let me be honest, no one actually thinks in metres (yes, spelling!) per second here (or no one I have met thus far). My story of how I came to Read More

I kept the kids alive

Mummy Confession: Some days I do nothing all day. ….ok, except keep the kids alive…and referee their sibling matches. Today, for instance. So far, I’ve held the child who will simply not be put down. I know I will have mothers saying you can put the baby in some sort of contraption to carry them with you, leaving your hands free to accomplish all your heart desires. He will have none of that. Only my arms will do. You know what? I have to be alright with that these days. And though sometimes it frustrates me to no end when Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mummy Confession: I take things for granted. Immediately following the birth of our last child, I had a renewed appreciation for everything. The first few weeks had me in awe of so many everyday happenings that usually seemed blasé. After a few months passed, that gratitude has faded and been replaced with the “going through the motions” of everyday life. Wake up, sort out the kids, keep them alive while the day progresses, and then put them to sleep. I take things for granted every minute of every day. That needs to change, for the sake of myself and my Read More