One of Those Days…Again

Mummy Confession: It has been a long and hard day today. I’m exhausted, my patience is running low, and I just want to sleep. 

Sorry if this seems a little incoherent, but these are indeed the thoughts of an exhausted mother.

Today has been one of those days. There have been no breaks. Obviously, that’s my role as a stay-at-home-mum, but goodness is it exhausting! (As a matter of fact, it has been “one of those days” for nearly months now, but this particular day was especially exhausting.)

From the first eyes opening in the morning, I have heard nothing but whining, whinging, and complaining. I have said, “stop doing that” more times than I can count. Every time I sit down, I am needed elsewhere.

My youngest is going through the whole separation anxiety thing, and it seems extreme. If I so much as put him down, he screams. Even worse if I walk around a corner to try to grab a nappy for change time. I know he will get over it soon. I know he will grow up too fast.

I’ve spent more than half my day listening to white noise trying to calm a baby who is sleep-resistant (although tired and then overtired). As a matter of fact, that’s what I’m doing now.

A majority of my time has also been invested in changing nappies, wiping bottoms, and telling my other children to be kind to each other. I’m a broken record, it seems, because three minutes later they’re at it again. It never ends.

And then there’s the crying, and the screaming. One child is a crier, and at the drop of the hat, the floor is filling with tears over a “just wait please” or “no sweetheart you need to share.” And let’s not talk about the “you need pants on to leave the house.”

I am surrounded by chaos, and surviving on fumes of sleep and Coca Cola.

And despite all of this, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I adore my kids, and can’t stop watching them and their crazy antics. The spontaneous musicals that break out as we go about our day. Acting out scenes from life, such as someone they have met with a dog they cannot wait to see again. My baby smiles. He rolls crawls like an inchworm across the floor, just moments away from the “four wheel drive” crawling. Soon he will be walking, then running. He won’t need me more and more.

So, maybe I’m not just fuelled by lack of sleep and caffeine. Maybe there’s some joy and happiness in the mix, too. I’m thankful for the chaos and the noise. I’m happy that these little blessings are mine to cherish.

But I’m allowed to be exhausted. Because, after all, I am human.

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