Running the Rainy Day Gaunlet

Mummy Confession: I dread rainy days when I am out. Especially when I’m out with the kids. Especially when it pours when I’m  out with the kids. Especially when I’m stuck without an umbrella when it pours when I’m out with the kids. Three kids.

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Story time.

So, it was overcast when I left yesterday morning for Playgroup. No worries at all, I’m fine with a little drizzle and the kids won’t be too fussed. No umbrella needed. Well, this was a bit more than that.

Upon finishing playgroup, I have the kids sort themselves out to go and prepare for the slightly soggy trip back to the car. I waited a little to see if it would pass over, but it appeared my hope for a break in the storm were far fetched. It poured harder. So I waited, and it slowed down a little.

Three, two, one, go! I ran between the cover to another sanctuary from the bucketing. Of course I chose the part where there was a curb, and I had to “jump” my double pram (and how easy that is) onto the footpath (American: sidewalk). Not too much water damage, but the baby’s hood was wet. Thank goodness his outfit had a hood.

We made our way down towards the parking area, a free for all and uncovered zone. This should be interesting. Pulling up my pants (I’m inbetween sizes at the moment), I go as fast as my now soaked ballet flats would allow, and make my way to the car.

I push the boot button (American: trunk), and settle under the cover of that. Opening the wrong door, because we just rearranged the car seats, I give the orders to evacuate the pram and get into the car. One child does this alone, while I grab the other and swing her whining self into the car. Door shut.

Running around to the other side, I quickly release the baby from the carrier and plop bubs into the seat. Baby carrier gets 5 points for a quick release.

Do you know what happened next? The rain stopped.

Fortunately for the kids, our pram has large canopies, so they barely felt a drop. Baby in tow, and in the carrier, was not so lucky, and mama got the brunt of the very large amount of water dumping from the heavens.So maybe this was a lesson in patience. Maybe it was a lesson in hope. Maybe I just needed a good dousing. Next time, I think I should bring an umbrella.

In other news, I got to review how the baby carrier did in the wet and “must-get-this-baby-out-quickly” conditions, and how quickly it dried off. It passed. ?

Now, I don’t have pictures because who is going to stick around getting drenched taking photos of unhappy children? But I promise you, there will be a review forthcoming for at least the carrier. Feel free to subscribe for email updates to see when that happens!

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