Sinchies: Reusable Pouches For Everyone!

Mummy Confession: My child is a picky eater, so we will never have those gorgeous bento rainbow boxes brimming with fruit and creative foods.

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My lunchbox photos are far from Instagram worthy. Despite my lack of photogenic food, we do tend to use a lot of storage for food to and from school.

Enter Sinchies.

Photo Credit: Sinchies; Sinchies Mix & Match Set shows some of the range of Sinchies Products


This brand can help with my issue of keeping the daily cheese sandwich fresh, or sending my little off with a pouch for yoghurt that doesn’t need to be tossed (and purchase more and more over and over again). These brilliant pouches can be reused and washed over and over.

Now, while you may know brands which make just one or two types of pouches, Sinchies has an entire range of reusable pouches and bags (and even beeswax wraps) in varying shapes and sizes!
Photo Credit: Sinchies; Beeswax Food Wraps


Is your kid not a sandwich person? That’s fine! They have bags shaped for wraps, ice pops, and yoghurt pouches, on top of bigger bags you can use for home or away.

I’ve even seen the amazing idea of using them for children who are tube fed, or have food aversions as well, which is absolutely brillant.

They have sizes perfect for breastmilk storage and baby food storage- for mums who do homemade puréed foods. There’s even a handy spoon to attach!

Freeze some soup, or store some sauce. Pre cut veggies and store until needed. Use it, wash it and reuse it again.

When you’re done using them and they’ve had their day, you can recycle these rather than throwing them in the bin, making them a lot more friendly than the everyday sandwich bag.

While I’m not savvy on the environmentally friendly products front, I can see how these are better for the environment, too. And a budget friendly option for mums everywhere.

Our Experience

My kids love trying new things, and so do I! They especially loved the design pack which came with smaller and larger pouches with various fun colours and characters! My littlest loved his dinosaur pouch and my middle exclaimed that she thinks the “fruit salad” pouch was the best ever! It was easy to fill up with the collapsible funnel, so less mess for mum. I just had to remind them not to squeeze the pouch until they needed to get more (or there would be a mess and a bath to match)!

We used our Sinchies for sandwiches, snacks, yoghurt, purees, and ice pops as well as mum freezing some veggies cut up and ready to pop in for dinner if needed. All of them did splendidly, and washed easily with a bottle brush to scrub out the threads of the pouches.

Lunch box with Sinchies!


Since you can also use the easy open lids, the kids had no issues opening their pouches by themselves, and they provide spoons if you prefer using those to feed the bubs.

The only one that may require a bit more practise was the beeswax reusable food covers. I’m not familiar with working with them, but I’m sure after some practise for me, I will get it a bit better! It sticks to itself, so it’s a nice way to keep things fresh (we used it for pancakes, and I failed to get a photo of it). They seemed a little fresher than when I use the typical cling wrap, and I didn’t feel there was as much condensation either.

All around, these are a brilliant range, with so many options for families who have babies and kids, families who camp, and families who tube feed or families who prep food ahead and want a method of storage that you don’t just toss.

Here’s a little low down on how to use the pouches!

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