Meal Plan Monday: Week #7

Another yummy week ahead, and I am really enjoying finding and collaborating with some great Food Bloggers! Check out these tasty recipes this week! Feel free to share, and tag #CookingwithMPM if you do cook these! I would love to see how you plate these delicious dishes! Now, I know I’ve asked repeatedly, but if you have any recipes you want featured, feel free to contact me and show off your yummy meal! We could all use some inspiration at times! This week, I’m featuring recipes from My Gluten Free Miami, Easy Peasy Foodie, Bites of Flavor, Family Capers, Good Read More

Meal Plan Monday: Week #3

Week three! Get those recipe cards out and join up here for some refreshing ideas for your pantry! If you’ve missed any of the weeks before this, feel free to check Week 1 and Week 2 for more great recipes! Do you need ideas for kid’s lunches, too? Check out Kidgredients Guide to Awesome Lunches eBook for great tips, tricks and 10 new recipes as you prepare those lunch boxes! (I’m sure they’d make excellent at-home snacks, too.) I am proud to be an affiliate of Kidgredients, and by purchasing through this link I do earn a commission on qualifying sales. Don’t Read More

The Post Holiday Drama: How to Clean Up After Christmas

Mummy Confession: I absolutely love the holidays, but I abhor the cleanup. We’re all in that post Christmas daze around our house, and it seems each step of getting through those post holiday dramas has to do with cleaning. All the extra new toys and thingamajigs received from those we love now need to find their place. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the cleanup. I would love my house to be neat and tidy. This never seems to happen, though, because, well, kids exist. I’ve heard it said, “if you love cleaning up after parties you never attend, Read More