What To Do With Leftover Baby Food (and recipes!)

Mummy Confession: My baby refused to eat many purees and baby foods, so I was left with uneaten and unused food.

Disclosure: This is not sponsored by Bellamy’s Organic, but merely inspired by them as well as their foods. I understand that one of these recipes in particular is not necessarily healthy, but we live by the “treats every once in a while are ok” in our house.

Maybe this isn’t my confession, I think it’s my son’s. However, when I first started baby foods with my son, I bought and was given several different varieties of foods for babies and toddlers. We had several issues with getting him to eat including gagging reflex issues and food allergies. Now, some of the food just sat there unopened and untouched. My venturous middle wouldn’t touch it, and my son won’t or can’t eat it.

This mum likes to save money, so I had to come up with ways to use the leftover baby food. Please note, all of the food is within the expiry dates and has been unopened. Nothing has been touched. Within my suggestions are some tasty recipes (some suitable for food allergy children, and some not, however I will indicate should it be suitable) as well as other ideas on how to use the shunned food products!

1. Sensory Play: I was told by our dietician that my Prince needed to just have a go at playing with his food, getting used to textures and feeling the food, to make him a bit more relaxed and ready to try the food in front of him. Not only does he love getting messy, some may wind up in his mouth, and that would be a huge win! Be sure you have the hose ready after this, though, or a handy bib to help limit the mess!

2. Use as a topping or dip: Some of these foods can make rather tasty toppings on their own or mixed with other ingredients for dips or toppings. Apple on ice cream anyone? Or maybe a fruity dip

3. Use them in recipes! Now, here is the greatest use of these pouches. If you can sneak them into foods your child is eating, or use them in recipes you create, it is possible to save them! From the rusks to the various range of pouches and pasta, you can find a recipe for just about anything! I have included a couple recipes that worked for me when trying to create, and some suggestions of how to use the various different food types.
(I’ve included a couple recipes below!)


How to Use Baby Foods in Recipes

Foods with meat or vegetables:
Mix with a sauce or hot pot
Put it in a puff pastry, pie, or rice paper roll
Use it to top pasta, rice, or mashed potato
Sometimes changing the presentation works for getting bubs to eat it, and other times it doesn’t.

Sweeter Pouches with Fruits:
Use as a layer, or mix with batter for a dessert, such as trifles, cookies, brownies, cake, or similar things.
Bake into a pie with or without other whole fruits.
Make it into a smoothie using ice cream, yoghurt or various types of milk
Use as a dip, topping, or spread. Ice cream, pancakes, or waffles with fruit anyone?

Pasta or Rice:
Use in soups or stews, or any other pasta dish
Cook and top with favourite sauces 

Rice Cereal:
Mix in with batter for cakes, cookies, biscuits, muffins, or oatmeal
Use as a batter for chicken or other breadcrumb style cooking

Milk Rusks:
Desserts, cakes, pie crusts, or layers with something (crushed is how I have worked it best)
Crush and Roll energy/bliss balls



Smoothie with Bellamy’s Organic fruits pouch

Fruit Pouch Smoothie (milk-free options available)

1 Bellamy’s Organic fruit pouch for every toddler sized portion
Desired fresh fruits for more flavour
1/3 Cup Milk, Yoghurt, or Ice Cream (or other dairy alternative)
Blender (no blender needed if you have everything pureed though)

  1. Pour all ingredients into blender and blend.
  2. Pour into a cup.
  3. Enjoy! 

Bbox, baby food, soup, food
Rice or pasta makes a great addition to soup! Pictured here with the b.box XL bowl + straw

Chicken Soup with Pasta Stars

1 Pack Bellamy’s Organic Brown Rice Pasta Stars
1 Carrot
1 Cup Peas
1 Cup Corn
500ml Chicken stock
Desired amount of chicken, pre-cooked
Water if needed to thin out the soup
(Any other favourite veggies for the soup if desired)
(+ Vegeta Gourmet Stock or salt/pepper to taste for mum and dad)

  1. Cook chicken so that it is ready to be added to the soup.
  2. Put chicken aside after cooked and add stock and vegetables and let simmer while stirring occasionally until they are a bit softer.
  3. Add in chicken and pasta stars. Cook until stars are to your desired softness.
  4. Serve and enjoy!
    (I also recommend using the b.box XL bowl + straw for littles, so they can have a hand at eating with utensils and finishing off any soupy goodness left behind with the straw!)

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