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Mummy Confession: Innovative products, especially for kids, always get my attention. Even more so if they are great products!

Disclosure: The products in this post have been provided in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and recommendations are my own. I do not recommend anything that I do not love myself. Please read my disclosure policy for more details, or why I disclose here.

Honestly, I’ve been checking out and their great range of innovative tableware and utensils for some time now. Firstly, because I love everything to do with babies and toddlers, and secondly, I love innovative looking products. Everything you see here has been tried and tested by my littles, and given their stamp of approval! Before I go giving away everything, check out these great products, how they work, and how we found them in our experience!

You can find all of these products on’s Website (or in the US) or in select retailers.

Bowl XL + Straw

This bowl not only has a lid to put on top, and handles, but it also includes a straw that attaches to the side of the bowl! Handles make it great for littles who are keen to hold on to their bowl as they eat, or tip a little easier when they are sipping the last drops of soup! The straw is removable, too, so it makes for easy cleaning and you can remove the temptation to drink all of the milk before they finish their cereal. The sizing is perfect for littles, and I found it was just the right size for my preschool and near school aged children with room to spare!

I say: This is an amazing bowl, and I love it!
I found this great for my bigger littles (as the age recommendation is over 12 months). The straw is easy to take off for the children tempted to just drink all the liquid goodness before finishing the main portion of the meal, which also makes it easy to wash! I thought they would be hard to stack, but the bowls stack well with each other, and you can store the straw inside the bowl with the lid on top if you need to store separately. I love that there are lids for these as well (they don’t work with the straw, though), although it doesn’t stay on tight. ┬áThe handles are big and great for little hands. All around, this is a great innovation and a must have for my toddler cupboard! (I would love if could the ability to put the lid on with the straw attached!)
Children say: “It’s so cool! I love it!”
I recommend this bowl for: Soup, cereal/milk, ice cream, and anything else you want to get every last drop!

: Your child may love the straw a little too much, and drink their cereal dry before they finish. We found removing the temptation of the straw before cereal was finished helped to remedy this. You will also need a straw brush to make sure you properly clean out the straw between uses.

Travel Bib & Spoon

The travel bib and spoon is just too handy not to have! This makes a great stowaway bib for the car, handbag, or nappy bag! You can roll everything up (including the spoon or other utensils you need) and pack it away in the little case which is part of the bib itself. The three snap sizes makes it adjustable enough for babies and toddlers, and the handy little loop with snap makes you able to attach it to your nappy bag, or even your car keys (though it would be a bit big as a regular on there). Everything about this was handy, even to the ease of wiping it down after you finished using it. The pocket can also catch a little bit of the food if bubs drops some, saving clothing a bit more. Bub loved the design, as he is big on cars, and there are a few more to choose from in their range. Overall, a very handy little item to have, and a perfect small gift for the little traveller or foodie bub!

I say: Perfect for travelling or keeping for on the go eating!
I found this a great little bib to have on hand. Not only is the material great for wiping spills easily, but the design is super cute! It all easily zips up into the pouch, where you can store the spoon, or even a little bit of bug’s snacks. The pouch is a generous size and a little bit harder to prevent squishing from the outside! The snaps on the outside makes it easy to hook on to your nappy bag or even a keychain. The three size adjustment is perfect, too, for littles who may be bigger or smaller.
I recommend this bib for: Mums who want to have a bib to have on hand! In the car, nappy bag, or handbag, this would be great! Especially for the traveller.

Considerations: It is great size-wise for babies, but for messy eaters, I would recommend the smock over this, as it only covers so much! The spoon included is also softer, so you may need a separate spoon if your bub doesn’t like the softer spoons (mine tends to bite down hard and not let go, so we have to use a harder spoon for him).

Smock Bib

This smock bib is a more full-length bib for a bit messier meals or crafts. It even folds up into its own portable pouch to take along when you need it! We used it for meals and found it fit well, and wasn’t too constricting or too much for summer even. The material worked well to keep the mess off bub (unless he was intentionally putting food down his clothes). The size was great for my bub who fits around a 12-18 month size with a little room to spare. They recommend from 6-18 months as the size, so it’s an accurate assumption. The adjustable velcro on the ends of the sleeves also meant it was easier to put on and take off compared with elastic sleeves, and I could adjust it smaller or larger to my babies wrist. Bub actually enjoyed seeing the smock, as he knew dinner was coming when it went on!

I say: Perfect for keeping baby’s clothes clean while learning to self-feed, and great for on the go, too!
This Smock bib by really ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to bibs. You have a big area of coverage for messy eaters (and crafters)! The adjustable sleeves mean you’re not fighting with elastics to get baby’s hands through, and the open back makes it a little easier to put on baby. It folds up and stores easily to take with you anywhere, with the carrying loop as well. The material is easy to clean and wipe down after meals, too! Overall, this worked really well for my toddler who is learning to self feed, and his mother who is a bit stressed by too much mess!

I recommend this smock for:
Messy eaters and self-feeding babies/toddlers! Great for baby led weaning, too! Or you can use this for art projects, or sensory play time!

Considerations: This fits probably up to a smaller two year old in sizes, otherwise you may find the sleeves a bit shorter. Recommended age is 6-18 months.

Toddler Cutlery Set: Unique Utensils for Self Feeding

These utensils are so unique looking! They were developed with the idea of toddlers learning some independence in self feeding . The uniquely designed fork and spoon allow for baby to pick up food a little easier. The spoon is designed with a wide area so baby is able to scoop up food, and be used like a shovel in helping to get food onto the fork.
The fork utensil worked great for gripping food and letting bub get it to his mouth! He found it worked very well with rice and somewhat soft foods in keeping them so he could munch away. The spoon is always a bit trickier for babies, and the unique scoop shape of this allowed for bub to experience how he should be scooping to eat. He did tend to get frustrated with the spoon a little more than the fork, but I expected that, as when you turn your hand upside-down everything falls off. I would recommend these for babies starting onto solids and feeding by themselves and use in conjunction with the smock bib to prevent a little of the mess. The utensils come with their own case as well, so they are easy to store if you want to keep them on their own or separate to other cutlery.

I say: So unique looking and great idea for learning hands!
I found that my baby likes to throw things. But otherwise, he did very well with the fork, and loved trying his new found independence to feed himself with easier to grip utensils that kept food on them a little better than our current toddler cutlery. Obviously, he is only in the beginning stages, so I’m sure I will see him improve over time. He still is working on learning how to properly use his hands to manage the utensils to get a little more in his own mouth while eating.

I recommend these utensils for: Babies and toddlers learning to self feed or struggling to use other utensils.

Considerations: Your child may get frustrated with them like any other utensils as they perfect their use of them. However, the fork shaped utensil really did help to grip things a lot better than the usual fork or spork for babies, and the spoon was great for scooping.

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