Bamboo Bubby Bag: A Review

Mummy Review: As you may remember, my baby has eczema, so finding options that work for him, especially during sleep time, is important. The Bamboo Bubby Bag is a great option for sensitive babies who scratch.

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Where do I even start with this product?! It is brilliant!  The main thing I noticed upon taking my product out of the pack is that the sleeves are not the “fold over” type, but actually fully enclosed! This isn’t offered on many products, and we have been having a lot of eczema issues lately, so we have loved finding alternatives which keep the hands fully enclosed!

About the Brand: Bamboo Bubby is a range for babies, children, and even adults with eczema and other itchy skin conditions. They offer sleep wear to help reduce the scratch, wake cycle, enabling babies, toddlers, children and adults to feel more comfortable in their sleep and wake less.

~My Experience~
My baby slept fairly well in this, and seemed to sweat a bit less than his normal pyjamas. My favourite feature of the product has to be the adjustable sleeves, which are completely enclosed. I did have a little trouble with trying to get the sizing once baby was in the bubby bag, so I suggest trying to sort that out before putting your child inside. He was unable to escape from this bag and sleeves. The bamboo seems like a great option for the product, as it is breathable and reduced scratching and waking in my baby. The fabric, which is soft to the touch, is also cool and my bub had no issues with overheating inside of this product. My baby wasn’t a fan of the sleeping bag style, as he likes to stand and get around, yet isn’t fully stable to try and do this in a sleeping bag without getting tangled. There is a pyjama set just for babies that would prefer legs over the bag, though, so there is an option that would sort that out.


The Material~ Bamboo-Cotton which is soft, breathable and has an approximate tog rating of 1 to 1.5. It’s very smooth and feels soft and cool.

The Design~ The simple colours are great, and the green is unisex for boys or girls.

The Zippers~ The two Zippers allow for middle of the night changing, so great overall for that concept! It makes it so much easier! It does have a cover for the top, so the zipper isn’t in baby’s face.

Enclosed/Long Sleeve Design~ Just amazing! For an eczema prone child, these sleeves are the best! Not just a flip over sleeve which my baby can slip his little fingers out of and still manage to scratch, but the sleeves are fully enclosed with no escape for the pointy little nails! It also adjusts three different sizes, so it can be used for longer! My baby tried pulling them off, but couldn’t, so a big plus for me!

Adjustable Sleeves and Button Adjustment~ Since this product goes from 000 (0-3 months) to 2+, it adjusts in the sleeves to shorten or lengthen to size. There is a button inside the sleeve to make the arm hole smaller for smaller babies.

Sizing~ The Bamboo Bubby Bag is in one size that suits size 000-2+ (recommended for 6 months through age 2). The sleeves adjust to three different sizes, and offer a button to size the sleeves smaller for smaller babies. For bigger sizes, look into the Bamboo Buddy Soothe PJs! I found my child who is in 12-18 month sizes a time the moment had a bit of room, and the sleeves were right in the middle.

Cost&Where to buy~ $83.95 or $149.95 for twin packAUD on Bamboo Bubby’s Website

–Worldwide Delivery Available!–

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Social Media~ Follow Bamboo Bubby on: Bamboo Bubby Website

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Mummy Confessions Scale for Winter Sleep Wear-
Easy to put on: 4/5
– Simple to put on, just make sure to adjust the sleeves, as a squirmy baby makes it hard to adjust once they are on!
Stays on: 5/5– My middle of the range sized baby who wants to just go got a little twisted in the material, but the bubby bag stayed on. He couldn’t remove the sleeves if he tried (which he did).
Easy to change baby in: 4.5/5 – Relatively simple to change baby with the two zippers
Easy to take off: 5/5- Simple to remove because of the room allowed to baby inside the sleeping bag.
Keeps baby warm in winter: 4/5- It isn’t necessarily for keeping warm, but everything is covered, and you can layer clothing underneath for winter time.
Baby likes it? Baby wasn’t a huge fan of the no legs and wants to go all of the time, and he didn’t like not being able to scratch himself. I will call it a win though for mum, because he can’t scratch himself or get out, and it helps sleep better that way!
Material: 5/5 – The bamboo cotton is perfect for my eczema baby and kept his skin cool (yet warm enough for winter) and reduced his scratching, therefore created better sleep for everyone.
Sizing: 4/5 – I don’t know how this would work for the littlest of babies, but I assume they don’t try to get everywhere, so the adjustable size would be great for them, and for the bigger kids. My middle of the range sized bub got a bit fussy about the extra material, but I think it’s brilliant to cover so many sizes with one product. Less money spent as the years go by and it suits so many ages.

Overall Rating of Bamboo Bubby Sleeping Bag: 4/5
Overall, I really love the concept of the Bamboo Bubby Bag as a sleeping bag and eczema solution. For mums who are always after clothing that helps their poor little with scratching, waking and discomfort, this is something to look into! The bamboo is soft and cooling for the skin, and it keeps everything covered and protected from the little nails. If your little one isn’t keen on sleeping bags, they have pyjamas for toddlers, children and adults as well. This is a brilliant solution for the scratching for both mums and bubs.

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