Potty Training: The Ultimate Test of Patience

Mummy Confession: Even though this is my second time around the toilet training ring, it’s still just as painful as the first time.
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“Mummy!! I need to poop!” She screams as she runs to the toilet. I’m, of course, in the middle of trying to eat my first meal of the day. Yes, it’s 1:00 PM, but its the first chance I’ve had to sit down. Among the treachery of a teething child and another who has decided today would be the day she would begin using the toilet, it’s a bit hard to get anything done.

It seems to be a cardinal rule of childhood that once mummy sits down, a child must either 1. Need to eat 2. Poop or need help in the toilet. 3. Injure themselves or others or 4. Need some other type of assistance. I’m not joking, though I wish I were. This rule can also be applied to when mum lays down her head after a long day. It’s exhausting.

So, back to the child training in the ways of using a toilet properly. She decides one day that she wants to start.

“Great,” I think, “this should be easy!” Oh mama, such a silly supposition.

We did the running back and forth to the bathroom every fifteen minutes or so, but somewhere around the ten minute mark, she would wet her pants, and fail to use the toilet after. Many sighs and moans all around. This continues for the day, intermittently having a successful trip to the toilet or two. No worries, there’s always tomorrow.

It’s 10:30 am. The children are up again, and it’s Saturday. I barely got a wink of sleep because of a psychotic baby who decided sleep was his worst enemy. But alas, I am mum and the day must go on, potty training and all.

Now, with the fact that there are other children around, I obviously had to address a certain tiny tyrant in need of a sleep. He’s having many issues sleeping lately because of the teeth, so naturally it takes a good hour and a half to settle him enough to put down. Relief.

I hear strange noises in the bathroom. Oh please, no.

Tip-toeing down the hall to investigate the noise, I open the door to see the child in the process of training along with an accomplice, trying to clean up a stinky mess on the floor NEXT to the toilet. I sighed. I raised my voice. Then, I looked into the toilet.

Stuffed there was 3/4 a roll of unravelled toilet paper. Again, I’m not joking. I wish I was. The two were trying to cover their tracks and clean up the dirty mess and hide the evidence. No one had called for me, or their father, who was also in the house. I lost it. I yelled. And now, the baby was awake and I had a mess to clean.

Fortunately my husband heard the commotion and helped with the bathroom mess while I hosed down the child in the bathtub.

And that was just at 10:30am. Oh, what a weekend it would be!

These are the moments in potty training that you will look back on and laugh at, but it will probably be long after you calm down and clean up the mess. I have to remind myself that these moments are only a tiny speck in the timeline of her life, and while not all moments may be enjoyable, they are sure to create memories for life!

What stories do you have from toilet training? I’m sure mine isn’t the worst, though this is only the beginning!

If you are starting toilet training (potty training) with your child, be sure to check out here for a list of essentials and some extra resources! These are affiliate links through Amazon, so I make commissions off qualifying sales, but you pay the same price. See my disclosure policy for details.

24 thoughts on “Potty Training: The Ultimate Test of Patience

  1. Emma @ Muddy Boots and Diamonds says:

    I hate potty training! I ended up taking all of our toilet paper off the rolls because the kids wanted to play with them while they were on there. They’re on the tank or the sink now and have been that way for 3 years, lol. They don’t seem to bother with them unless they can unravel them from the wall. I was thinking we might finally be at a point where we could put the rolls back in their proper place, but one of them likes to make a mess of the soap, so…Maybe not?

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Haha!! We did the same! Usually after about age 3-4 they stop messing with the toilet paper (but then if you have a younger one, it starts again). And the soap is a favourite here, too! Someone needs to invent automatic locking dispensers for kids!

  2. Lindsey says:

    It is SUCH a test of patience and yet totally worth it when you’re done!

    • mummyconfessions says:

      It is SO worth it once it’s over! I’m glad this now is mostly behind us! 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    OOOHH sweetie. sending you a mom hug from afar

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Hahaha thanks! I could use all the hugs! More of these adventures to come, too! ???

  4. Erin Nicole says:

    We’re getting ready to start potty training are second child here soon and I’ve been dreading it! Our oldest caught on pretty quick but I was pregnant with our second and I was so exhausted. I cried a lot…like a lot a lot! This time I’m pregnant with our third and trying to potty train..haha I already see the tears coming, and not from the kids!!!

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Aw poor mama! Potty training is so tough! But, once it’s over, it is such a relief!! Hope it goes well for you this time around, and quickly!!

  5. Rebekah | My Circus My Monkeys says:

    Ugh, potty training is not for the faint of heart. I have learned, through my five kids, to start as late as possible. They’re better able to understand how the toilet works, and to listen to their body’s needs. Doesn’t always work, though.

  6. Julie Hood says:

    OMG you are a CHAMP! I’m gonna have a 20-month-old when baby #2 is born, and I can’t decide whether to try and potty train the toddler first before the baby (tho not even 2 seems young to me!) or just wait for a while after the baby’s born….

  7. Jaki says:

    Do you know I am almost as proud of potty training my little boy as I am of giving birth to him! I had the same sense of achievement as I did when I passed my driving test – something that you dread for years and then once it’s done!! Relief! I hated every second, I won’t lie. I hope it goes well for you!! Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales. xx

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Yes! It is SUCH a relief when they’re finally 100% trained! We’re slowly getting there now, but man was it a doozy!

  8. Mrs Mummy Harris says:

    oh gosh I have all of this to come! I dont think I’ll be very patient! hubby has already mentioned getting pull up nappies for Ben… i’m not ready for him to grow up just yet! Thank you for joining us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you again next week

    • mummyconfessions says:

      They are definitely bittersweet moments, seeing them grow up and accomplish so much!

  9. Sam - StressyMama says:

    Ahhh potty training. I despise those words. Haha. Especially after too much Easter chocolate plus a toddler resulted in diarrhoea all over my living room carpet the other day! Happy days eh.. haha. #TriumphantTales

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Oh no!! No fun for anyone! Potty training is such a tough thing for us here, but I do have to say the end result is a huge relief!

  10. Chrissie says:

    Ah the joys! Just another challenge for us to endure with our children. I’ve always joked that the reason we can NEVER pee alone is because they are beginning the toilet training process! Good luck!

    • mummyconfessions says:

      Haha!! Well I guess according to that mine have been beginning the toilet training process since birth! ?
      I’m not sure I’ve had the bathroom to myself since my first was born (other than if they are all asleep)!

  11. Cindy says:

    I feel your pain! I’m so glad potty training days are over for me! Hang in there – no kids I know of have started school in nappies ??

    • mummyconfessions says:

      I’ve had children come to school un-trained and it was rough as the educator to manage. I know my children should be fine and will eventually get there, and this will all be a hilarious memory!

  12. Laura - Autumn's Mummy says:

    Oh dear! There are some things I’m looking forward to and potty training is definitely not one of them.
    I would have got cross too – that’s far too much to deal with my 10.30am.

    • mummyconfessions says:

      It’s a hard one! It’s a bit harder when it’s mixed with another child or two, and one of those children is teething as well. ?? Every mother has seemed to get through it though!

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